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The Square Mile, its crime and policing history The Square Mile, its crime and policing history

The following City of London Police Officers served with the Royal Air Force during World War II and lost their lives in that conflict.  Where there is further information, this can be seen by clicking on the officer’s name.

NAME                                                                 DIED

PC 88B Barnett, Herbert B                               17th April 1943

PC 103E Carley, Henry Joseph                 8th March 1945

PC 70D Cornwell, Frederick William             23rd September 1943

PC 89D Cragg, William Philip                         22nd February 1944

PC 128B Grant, Donald Edward                       5th May 1943

PC 144B Harvey, Jack Henry Charles            14th October 1944

PC 100B Highton, Christopher               11st April 1944

PC 71B Johnson, Frank Norman           18th June 1944

PC 145A Kay, Edward                                       12th September 1942

PC 194B Lansley, Bob                                       16th July 1944

PC 172 Moore, William Sydney John              7th March 1943

PC 127B Nicholson, Joseph John Gordon    12th April 1944

PC 138D Oliver, Thomas                                  13th March 1945

PC 175C Saxby, Thomas William Allen 4th September 1943

PC 92D Thomas, Arthur Leonard                    9th April 1944

PC 101E Woodhead, Ernest                              27th July 1943

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