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The Square Mile, its crime and policing history The Square Mile, its crime and policing history

The following officers were dismissed from the City of London Police because of their participation in the police strike that started on 1st August 1919, or, as the Chief Clerk at Old Jewry (the force’s Chief Office at that time) put it:

“The Commissioner has dismissed from the Force the undermentioned Sergeants and Constables, with forfeiture of all pay due, for withdrawing themselves rom duty and being considered unfit to discharge the duties of Constables”.

Date of Dismissal and name of officer:

1st August 1919

PC 167C John Zollner

PC 79A Walter Teasdale

PC 162A James Long

PC 199A Wiliam Brown

PS 14B George Blackburn

PC 67B Walter Cross

PC 294B Mark Sutton

PC 88C Thomas Butchers

PC 95C William Lock

PC 102C Henry Smeaton

PC 133C Frank Guppy

PC 142C Henry Smith

PC 218C Archibald Wells

PC 251C Charles Stone

PC 252C George Simmons

PC 274C Robert Doyle

PC 281C Thomas Pemberton

PC 29C Wiliam Maes

PC 303C Frederick Osborn

PC 195D Augustus Filbey

PC 95A William Smith

PC 96A Herbert Tyler

PC 144A John Hanks

PC 155A Robert Jobson

PC 248A George Long

PC 249A Henry Carter


2nd August 1919

PC 91A John Prisgrove

PC 171A Sidney Rupert Taylor

PC 270B Alfred Harris

PC 299B Edward Bateman

PC 67C Elgar Bulgin

PC 93C John Hopkins

PC 106C John Harding

PC 125C Arthur Shepherd

PC 157C Wiliam Wakelin

PC 187C William Cawkill

PC 212C William Buchanan

PC 227C Ernest Claxton

PC 229C John Taylor

PC 238C Arthur Wilson

PC 261C Walter Green

PC 289C Robert Dale

PC 309D Arthur Foster


3rd August 1919

PC 125B George Harper

PC 288B Thomas Tilbury

PS 28C Ernest Crawley

PC 94C Ralph Potter

PC 101C James Harvey

PC 103C Edward Spink

PC 109C Arthur Gray

PC 124C James Edwards

PC 128C Tom Dobbs

PC 147C Alfred James

PC 169C David Moyler

PC 211C Francis Cridge

PC 297C Arthur Jones

PC 276D Adolphus Cranfield


4th August 1919

PC 199D Cann


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