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The Square Mile, its crime and policing history The Square Mile, its crime and policing history

On 4th August 1901, PC Chidley was on duty in Fleet Street when an omnibus drawn by an out of control pair of horses that had taken fright – and flight – at something, careered through the street towards him.  Chidley ran alongside the horses, grabbed at the reins and tried to stop them.  This slowed the horses down sufficiently that the driver was able to regain control of them.  However, before this happened, Chidley loosing both his grip and footing, fell to the ground and the wheels of the omnibus rolled over both his legs.   He was carried away from the scene on a stretcher, with injuries so severe he was medically retired from the City of London Police.

The following year he was awarded the Bronze Medal of the Order of St John of Jerusalem for gallant conduct.

In 1911, Edwin can be found living in Tunbridge, Kent, with his wife and 3 daughters and is working as a Sheriff’s Bailiff.  He dies in 1942.

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