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The Square Mile, its crime and policing history The Square Mile, its crime and policing history


Ploddin’ the Square Mile has been set up to help inform research on policing in London so obviously visitors to the site are encouraged to use the material on it!  However, its contents are the result of many hours of research and writing, so please do respect our copyright as authors and also the copyright of others who have kindly allowed text, images, etc to be used on this website.  If you wish to use specific extracts from the site or our photographs elsewhere, please do contact us first ([email protected]) for permission.  It is likely we will be very happy to give it – it also helps us to see who is using the site and finding its information useful – but please do ask first.

Wherever possible we have sought permission from those holding the copyright of items reproduced on this site.  Obviously due to the age of some of the items posted here, it can be very hard  to establish who owns the copyright.  If we have inadvertently posted something here, please do contact us to let us know and we can act accordingly.

Research Acknowledgement

If Ploddin’ the Square Mile has helped you with your research please do acknowledge the site as your source.  That way, others will become aware of its existence and it might assist them too.

If you are interested in a particular aspect of policing the City of London, but the information is not shown here, please do contact us via the e-mail address given above.  We will be happy to help if we can.

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