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The Square Mile, its crime and policing history The Square Mile, its crime and policing history


About the Authors

The contributors to this website all have experience of policing the Square Mile as City of London Police officers.  They have worked from the same police stations and trodden the same beats as many of those whose names appear in these pages, and have been directly involved in events some now regard as “history” including the IRA bombing campaigns of the 1990s and the 1981 wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer at St Paul’s Cathedral. Throughout their service they have explored both the history of policing the City and the stories of those who have also held the Office of Constable in the Square Mile, and have created this website so such memories are not lost.

The authors would also like to thank @squaremileplod for the continuing support, information and regular provision of “unconsidered trifles”.

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