A look back at the City of London Police Mounted Unit

A look back at the City of London Police Mounted Unit

Booking on Duty

Welcome.  We are pleased that you have decided to book on duty and join us in Ploddin’ the Square Mile.

Through this website we aim to tell and so help preserve the history and stories of the City of London Police, its people and the City they and their predecessors have policed for centuries.  We hope that the knowledge and research we share here will be of interest to serving and retired police officers and staff, researchers, family historians, academics, and anyone else anywhere who wants to know more about the lives of those men and women who, without fear or favour, have plodded the beats of the City of London in all hours and all weathers, preventing crime and causing the peace to be kept.

Now, if you’re ready, it’s time to go through to the rest of the site and start Ploddin’ the Square Mile.

If you are interested in history, policing, the City of London, or even the history of policing the City of London, you are invited to follow @squaremileplod on Twitter – a dedicated “snapper-up” of history’s “unconsidered trifles”.

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