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The Square Mile, its crime and policing history The Square Mile, its crime and policing history

Albert William Morgan

(Photograph from the Bath Chronicle, 7th April 1917, kindly supplied by the Stoyle family)

Born 1877, Claverton, Somersetshire

Son of Henry James and Lucy Morgan nee Holcombe

Husband of Rosina Elizabeth Morgan nee Phillips (married 8th June 1908 at Claverton Parish Church)

Joined the City of London Police 25th August 1904

Blue eyes, dark brown hair, fair complexion, 5ft 11.5 inches in height

Served at Bishopsgate Police Station

Warrant Number 7366

Collar Number 193C

Corporal, 17th Bn, Royal Scots

Service Number 40572

Killed in action (by gas poisoning) 12th March 1917 aged 39 years

No known grave

Remembered on the Thiepval Memorial

Bath Chronicle & Weekly Gazette, 31 March 1917         (kindly supplied by the Stoyle family)

Extracts from references provided for Albert Morgan upon his application to join the City of London Police (Source: City of London Police Personal File, held at the London Metropolitan Archives):

J R Knott has much pleasure stating that he has known Albert Morgan all his life, that he has always born an excellent character and that his parents are highly respectable people. His (unreadable) has been for many years Colour Sergt in the Bath Volunteers and gardener at Bassett House for a number of years which post he still holds.

Combe Hill House, Monkton Combe, 23 Feby 1903.

I have been asked by Albert Morgan late of the Scots Greys to supply you with references on his account and am able to say that I have known him since he was 2. He is a son of my gardener who has been in my service for 25 years – lived with the rest of the family in my cottage attached to the stables quite close to my house. On leaving school I employed him to assist his father and take care of a (unreadable) pony under the Coachman for a few years until he was old enough to earn higher wages – I have never known or heard of anything to his disadvantage in any way. In October 1894 the family of 9 – with 5 boys – had outgrown my cottage and moved to a larger one that account about a quarter of a mile farther, but as Bertie joined the army the following January ….

Mrs Eleanor A W Freestun, Bassett House, Claverton, Bath, June 20th 1904

Respected Sir, I have much pleasure in giving testimony to the character of my son Albert William during the time he was employed under me on the estate of Mrs Freestun, Bassett House, Claverton, Bath. He was employed by the said Mrs Freestun to look after a pony and trap and to help in the garden. He was under me from the age of 12 years until he joined the army. During the time he was with me I always found him to be honest truthful and obedient and I have never known or heard anything to his discredit. I remain yours obediently Henry James Morgan.

7 Yew Terrace, Claverton Down, Bath, 21st June 1904

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